Zoc trattoria

Via delle Zoccolette 22 (Ponte Sisto) 00186 Rome

Ph. +39 06 68192515

Zoc Tapas

From 6:00 pm every day at Zoc, its time for tapas!
A lot of delicious mini dishes so good that they can even replace a meal! Come to tast it!


Roman broccoli in pastella with curry and clementine chuttney
vegetbles Giobbi Ariccia, curry Piazza Vittorio market.
euro 3,50

Spelt cous cous with beans, lacinato kale and crunchy pecorino flavored with turmeric
organic spelt Dolci Trivio, vegetables Giobbi Ariccia, pecorino cheese Fulvi Nepi.
euro 4,00

Yapingacho of potatoes with cinnamon and buffalo cheese topped with vegetables and fried quail egg
buffalo cheese Tenuta Dei Guitti Pontinia, potatoes Dolci Trivio, vegetables Giobbi Ariccia, eggs San Bartolomeo Vetralla.
euro 5,50

Grilled pumkin with almonds, mint and spicy balsamic reduction
pumkin La Bottara Valentano.
euro 4,50

Paprika crackers with robiola goat cheese, and spicy pear marmalade
goat cheese Tinte Rosse Montelibretti, flour Capati Civita Castellana, marmalade our production.
euro 4,00


Shrimp croquette and sicilian broccoli cream with crushed pink peppercorn
shrimps pescheria Meglio Fresco Roma, pink pepper Emporio delle Spezie Roma.
euro 5,50

Skewer of octopus and glazed apples
octopus pescheria Meglio Fresco Roma.
euro 5,50

Calamari stuffed with cauliflower, ricotta and a salad with candied lemon
calamari pescheria Meglio Fresco Roma, ricotta Alan Farm Pontinia.
euro 5,50

Lentils with cumin and clams
clams pescheria Meglio Fresco Roma, lentils Dolci Trivio, cumin Emporio delle Spezie Roma
euro 5,00

Burrata of Agro Pontino with anchovies
anchovies pescheria Meglio Fresco Roma, burrata Tenuta dei Guitti Pontinia.
euro 4,50


Omelette of herbs with a cream of mortadella, sesame seeds and azuki
eggs San Bartolomeo Vetralla mortadella La Marisetta, azuki from Piazza Vittorio market.
euro 4,50

Spiced San Bartolomeo chicken wings with a purée of potatoes and chives
chicken San Bartolomeo Vetralla, potatoes Dolci Trivio, spices from Piazza Vittorio market.
euro 5,00

mini lamb Burger with goat cheese, vegetables and caramelized onions
lamb Casale del Castellaccio Palidoro, vegetables Giobbi Ariccia.
euro 6,00

Mini rabbit Kebab in “porchetta” style with curry spiced mushrooms and turnip greens
rabbit Brachino Bagno Regio, pork Campo de Fiori Roma, yogurt Casale Nibbi, vegetables Giobbi Ariccia.
euro 6,00

Tacos with curry flavored beef and apples, chickory sprouts and fresh coriander
beef Tenuta dell’Argento Civitavecchia, vegetables Giobbi Ariccia.
euro 5,50


Potato croquette with nutmeg and classic italian offal
beef Tenuta dell’Argento Civitavecchia, potatoes Dolci Trivio.
euro 3,00

Tripe flavored with tumeric, fennel, avocado and rye breads
beef Tenuta dell’Argento Civitavecchia, vegetables Giobbi Ariccia, avocado from Piazza Vittorio market, bread our production.
euro 4,50

Piadina of head cheese with avocado and rocket
pork Colletti Tarano, vegetables Giobbi Ariccia,hazelnuts Manfredi Vallerano.
euro 5,00

Focaccia bread with boiled tongue in a typical roman green sauce, caramelized onions and chilis
beef Tenuta dell’Argento Civitavecchia, vegetables Giobbi Ariccia.
euro 4,50

Ciabatta with oxtail and cacao with little peppers
beef Tenuta dell’Argento, cocoaTrappisti Frattocchie.
euro 5,00